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Personalassistance for all students in need

Tutoring Program

Christian Child Cares  realizes that in order to maximize learning we need a team approach. The learning coach (our teachers) adopt a teaching style that works best for our students. At the same time, we work with children to acquire skills that will help them reason, be creative, communicate effectively and adapt easily to changes & difficult situations at school & life. Therefore, we help children not only academically, but also inspire and assist them to achieve success . Our tutors recognize their position as potential role models.

Our tutoring sessions are available Monday through Saturday 8 a. – 9 pm. You choose a time slot that is suitable to your schedule.

Students sometimes don’t know what homework questions they may need help with until they start working on an assignment. We provide online homework assistance to help students understand their assignments and earn higher grades.

 We teach study skills & Organization Skills  that can help students acquire the habits that they need to succeed, no matter the subject that they are struggling in e.g. English, algebra, Spanish, etc. Learners will find this very helpful more than just focusing on specific subjects & not dealing with larger issues affecting learning.

What to expect

  • An initial diagnostic test to establish a student baseline score and to determine student strengths and weaknesses  
  •  Regular assessments to track and monitor student progress
  •  No long-term contract or obligation

Tutoring provide for

math, reading, writing, English, English as a second language

Preschoolers –  $15 an hour includes

Kindergarten – $17 an hour

Nonrefundable Registration fee –  $40

A sliding scale for low income earners.
For the best results all quotes include a minimum of 15 minutes group sessions.  All tutoring include homework help, study skills, organization skills, test taking skills, & test prep skills.

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