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Infant Care

Safe Care with a touch of LOVE

Infant/Young Toddler  

Infants develop new skills every day! Infant and toddler care offers an opportunity for our staff to share in a special relationship. As infants benefit most from individualized care, our program is designed so that each infant will be on their own personal schedule to explore and learn about their world through their senses and emerging motor skills. Infants follow their own schedule for eating, sleeping and playing. Infants are dependent on close, nurturing relationships as the source of positive physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Each baby has a crib and storage area of his/her own. Designated spaces are available for feeding, soothing and playing one-on-one with the caregiver. Language development is particularly crucial during the infant period and we provide many opportunities for infants to acquire language by reading to them, singing songs, rhymes and encouraging them to bubble and make repetitive sounds/words.

Although it is important for toddlers to acquire new information/knowledge, Repetition of movement and activities is important for brain development for toddlers. Repetition strengthens the neural pathways that toddlers are developing. We provide problem-solving experiences for toddlers that involve manipulating, experimenting, figuring out how parts relate to the whole, discovering one –to – one correspondence, cause and effect and creativity. We offer opportunities for toddlers to enjoy putting things together and taking them apart, building and constructing, sorting and matching, and as well as the ability to carry things.

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